Email Solutions:
Spam and Virus Filtering, Remote Exchange 2003 Hosting

PostiniThe Internet has changed the face of computing. With these changes come new threats and responsibilities when managing your network. Now that email has taken over as the communication of the business world and Spam accounting for about 80% of messages, it seriously degrades the business value of your IT resource by lowering productivity, slowing system performance, distracting IT management, and adding stress to the work environment. For this reason Lan Artists partnered with Postini.

As the leader in integrated Message Management, Postini provides security, compliance, availability, and visibility solutions for corporate email systems. It delivers superior customer care with world-class support services that keep your email system fully protected and operating at peak performance. It delivers industry-leading rates for accuracy in keeping out unwanted email and malicious attachments.

With Spam and viruses being at such a high rate Lan Artists has chosen Postini to provide us and our customers with the best filtration system on the market. With their full-time security experts continually updating filtering policies and virus databases, our email system always has the highest level of security.

Having partnered with MailStreet®, Lan Artists is now able to provide remote Microsoft Exchange 2003 hosting.

By using a remote Exchange server, you enable your organization to reap the benefits of enterprise class messaging without the high costs associated with implementation and maintenance of an in-house system.

Complete MailStreet 2003 Package Includes: $9.95/Month per mailbox with the purchase of two (2) or more mailboxes.

$12.95/Month For single (1) mailbox plan. If you later add additional mailboxes to a single mailbox plan, your per mailbox pricing will be reduced to $9.95/month per mailbox.

For more information about MailStreet, Postini or to set up a free-trial, please contact us with the information provided on our contacts page.